API 5L Pipe

Types Of API 5L Pipes?

What are the Types Of API 5L Pipes?

 API 5L Pipes When authoring the standards, the technical committee recognized that there are two basic Product Specifications Levels (PSL) of technical requirements and therefore developed PSL 1 and PSL 2.

API 5L PSL1 Standards :

PSL-1 is a loose standard quality for line pipe. PSL 1 Pipes are used to distribute line pipes. Grades covered by this specification are A25, A, B and “X” Grades API 5L X42 PSL1 Pipes, API 5L X46 PSL1 Pipes, API 5L X52 PSL1 Pipes, API 5L X56 PSL1 Pipes, API 5L X60 PSL1 Pipes, API 5L X65 PSL1 Pipes, API 5L X70 PSL1 Pipes, API 5L X80 PSL1 Pipes. The two digit number following the “X” indicates the Minimum Yield Strength (in 000′s psi) of pipe produced to this grade.

API 5L PSL2 Standards :

PSL-2 contains additional testing requirement, stricter chemical physicals, along with different ceiling limits of mechanical properties, and require Charpy impact testing conditions. Furthermore, additional testing requirements under PSL-2 include CVN testing, non-destructive inspection of seamless products, Read more

What are API 5L Pipes?

API 5L Pipes:

API 5L Pipes are one of the main classifications of pipes. Let’s take a brief look at how they’re manufactured, Composition, Applications as well as some of the potential benefits they present.
What are API 5L Pipes?
API Stands for American Petroleum Institute, In General the API 5L specification provides standards for pipe suitable for use in conveying gas, water, and oil in the natural gas and oil industries.
The API 5L covers seamless and welded steel line pipe. It includes plain-end, threaded-end, and belled-end pipe, as well as through-the-flowline (TFL) pipe, and pipe with ends prepared for use with special couplings.

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