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Services Offered By Trio Steel

At Trio Steel, we provide our customers with the best quality products. We value your requirement of best steel and thus, we supply the best there is. Trio steel commits to carrying out all the examinations whether destructive or non–destructive. The requirements for heat treatments are strictly met by following the standards set for the industry. Pipes of all sizes are available at Trio Steel.

We assure quick and safe delivery within the time you require the steel.


We conduct all the testing under the supervision of experts who may belong to any inspection organization. Some of the tests we conduct are enlisted here:

  • Eddy-current test in which faults in conductive materials are detected.
  • Ultrasonic test to catch internal defects.
  • Magnetic particle testing to check surface discontinuities.
  • Positive material recognition to calculate the percentage of elements.
  • Penetrant testing, defects which are surface-breaking detected.
  • Intergranular attack test to test corrosion.
  • Hardness tests
  • X-Ray test
  • Ring expansion test
  • Tests for checking bending
  • Flattening test

All these tests will be carried out according to the standards specified by you and full conformity of government organizations.

Quality Control:

The product you order, we take care of the quality of your order. From the order of the product to the issuing an invoice, Trio is certified to provide high quality products. Every product is certified here. Our high – quality services make our customers feel satisfied.

1) Chemical composition:
Percentage of chemical elements or compounds is fixed and verified. This composition is thus certified to express the seal of trust.

Chemical values include:

  1. Carbon content
  2. Manganese
  3. Silicon
  4. Phosphorous
  5. Aluminum

2) Mechanical properties:
The tests are conducted by us to check and confirm these properties of the product. Mechanical values include:

  1. Tensile strength
  2. Yield strength
  3. Elongation
  4. Bending
  5. Hardness
  6. Tolerance


Trio also provides you to have an inspection at any organization according to your demand by a referee party.


You demand and we follow. Steel is provided to you by fulfilling all the demands you made for the steel, color-coding is decided by you, certified and labeled according to your requirements put forward. The product is examined twice before handing it over to you. The product is accomplished by following all the commands properly.

Proper delivery:

We understand the need and importance of the product and time for you. We ensure to hand it to you without any damage. Your product will be of your expectations, no mixing. For Trio steel, our relations with our clients are our top priority. We deliver the products to our customers within the given amount of time.

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