ASTM A 671 Pipes

What is the scope of ASTM A671 Pipes?

Firstly, ASTM A671 Pipes covers electric-fusion weld steel with added filler metal.

It is also fabricated from pressure vessel quality plate of multiple analysis and and levels of strength.

Hence, these are suitable for high-pressure service at atmospheric and lower temperatures.

The treatment of heat may or may not be necessary to achieve the required properties or to act in accordance with applicable code pre-requisites.

Furthermore, for ASTM A671 Pipes, when additional testing or examination is desired, supplementary requirements can be provided for use.

What are the specifications of ASTM A671 Pipes?

Nominally, the specifications of these ASTM A671 pipes cover about 16 inches (or 400 mm) in the outer diameter or bigger and about 1/4 inch (6 mm) wall thickness or larger.

ASTM A671 Pipes that may have different dimensions may be provided given that they comply with the applicable code requirements.

There are many grades and classes of these pipes.

                • Grade defines the type of plate used in the ASTM A671 Pipes.
                • Class defines the type of heat treatment performed during manufacture of the ASTM A671 pipes.

Where are ASTM A671 Pipes used?

ASTM A671 Pipes are available in various sizes to you so they can meet the requirements of a project.

Mainly, they are used in majorly for petroleum, gas, oil and petroleum in several industries.

Additionally they are carbon steel pipes which are use in transition of oil and gas and are structural in nature.

ASTM A671 pipes made from the finest quality of raw materials are said to be the most desirable. They can be packed in wooden boxes to prevent damages and are an excellent fit for all temperatures because of being highly resistant.


We provide a complete and best quality range of ASTM A671 Pipes. Also, ASTM A 671 Pipes are used in constructions, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, petrochemical industry, automotive industry, municipal and decorative purposes.

Triosteel ensures that all ASTM A671 Pipes are individually covered. Hence, the premium quality of materials is retained and also there are no damages in the last stages of production.

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