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Steel penetrates our lives like no other substance. From the food we eat to the aircrafts we travel in it’s everywhere and more. At Trio Steel, we believe in the life giving and infinite connecting properties of steel.

Offshore Line Pipes

Offshore industry
Triosteel offers a comprehensive range of products and services that meet oil and gas companies’ offshore deep and ultra-deep water needs. We have a strong industrial system, state-of-the-art R&D facilities and years of industry experience in metallurgy and the development of customized steel pipes, especially for Industries that uses API 5L Seamless Steel Pipes,API 5L LSAW Line Pipes, API 5L Welded Line Pipes, API 5L HSAW Spiral Line Pipes

Onshore Line Pipes

Onshore Industry
Industries that uses API 5L Seamless Steel Pipes, API 5L LSAW Line Pipes, API 5L Welded Line Pipes, API 5L HSAW Spiral Line Pipes, Triosteel delivers a wide range of seamless and welded tubes for onshore line pipe to be used in the most demanding conditions.Products are manufactured in accordance to particular project specifications and national or international standards.


The EPC contractor (EPCC) agrees to deliver EPC, (engineering, procurement and construction ).It is a common form of contracting arrangement within the construction industry.Triosteel provides total Piping Solutions for various projects, as it has a very wide range of manufacturing capabilities and hence, is an ideal choice for major EPC Contractors across the globe, who are handling Core sector industries.

Manufacturing and Engineering :

Steel is one of the core components of the manufacturing and engineering industry – Heavy equipment manufacturers, steel and paper mills, machining centers , gears, engines, electrical motors, hydraulic systems, power generation (nuclear, oil, gas, coal, wind and wave) are just a few of the many engineering applications for steel. Trio Steel invites you to select the appropriate grade of steel to suit your manufacturing requirements. In today’s competitive market where delivery times and strict deadlines are pertinent, rely on us to
support you in your commitment for timely supplies.

Ways in which steel bolsters the end products in this sector:

  • Cold reduced steel sheet is used to make the bodies of cars, thinner steel sheets result in less weight and more fuel saving properties for car owners
  • Steel sections form the sub-frame and safety cage – where steel’s strength comes into its element in providing protection.
  • Steel with added lead, makes it easier to engineer, saving time and energy for the steel user.

Construction :

Construction includes new construction, repair and replacement. Construction is one of the most important steel-using industries .Buildings – from houses to car-parks to schools to skyscrapers ,dam construction, tunnels, bridges, refineries and processing plants. Trio steel meets the most stringent strength requirements demanded by this industry. Skyscrapers are made possible by steel. The
housing and construction sector is the largest consumer of steel today, using around 50% of world steel production.

In 1937, 83,000 tons of steel was used to build the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Today, only half of that amount would be required. Steel sheets can also be used for the raised floors and false ceilings used in modern office buildings, and provide versatile partitioning systems.

Oil and gas :

The supply of steel in the oil and gas industry is critical since it is used in all the processes involved in production, transmission and refining. Steel used in oil and gas exploration faces harsh environments, which make it susceptible to corrosion and high maintenance. With Trio steel’s promise of quality, there is more time to focus on the core production than maintenance.

Power generation :

We offer the widest range of steel for today’s power generation plants .High quality, higher strength, corrosion resisting steel required in Hydro power plants, wind mills ,Solar power, Transmission lines , Heat exchangers. Steel is the main material used in delivering renewable energy as well solar, tidal and wind.

Fabricators :

Shipbuilders, offshore platform builders, pressure vessel and pipe fabricators, fabricated sections and floor plate for decking and stair treads. Modern steel plates have much higher tensile strengths than their predecessors, making them much better suited to the efficient construction of large container ships. The advanced steels used in these steel-plate applications also find uses in a number of related industries. Offshore oil rigs, bridges, civil engineering and construction machines, rail carriages, tanks and pressure vessels, nuclear, thermal and hydroelectric plants – all these applications benefit from the attributes of modern steels.

At home :

Steel surfaces are hygienic and easy to clean. Surgical and safety equipment and commercial kitchens are all made with steel. Domestic or home appliances rely heavily on steel. The bodies are made from coated steel sheets. In washing machine drums or the interior of dishwashers, the sheet used is made from stainless steel.

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