Carbon Steel Pipe To ASTM A 333 Gr 1

Low Temperature Carbon Steel Pipe To ASTM A 333 Gr 1

Trio Steel provides a complete range of Carbon Steel Pipe To ASTM A 333 Gr 1 pipes that are innovative in nature and can be customized according to consumer needs. Carbon Steel Pipe To ASTM A 333 Gr 1 provided by Trio Steel is of high quality and durable in nature. Carbon Steel Pipe To ASTM A 333 Gr 1, Stainless Steel Seamless pipes & Tubes, Carbon Steel Seamless Pipes & Tubes and Alloy Steel Seamless Pipes & Tubes are the carbon tubes that are available in our extensive range.

Serving the requirements and demands of various industries, Trio Steel believes in making the best products and is, therefore, a leading supplier in the production of Carbon Steel pipes. We use state of the art technology for the manufacturing of our pipes.

For Our Customers:

                • Customer service provided at Trio Steel is of the highest standard.
                • Material used in pipe production is of high quality.
                • Equipment is updated and regularly maintained.
                • You will get exactly what you need and when you need it.
                • Cost-effective and high-quality Carbon Steel EFW Pipe ASTM A 671 Grade CC 65 pipes is supplied.

Carbon Steel Pipe To ASTM A 333 Gr 1 Pipe Quick Details

                • Company Name: Trio Steel
                • Country/Region: India
                • FOB Price: US $1500-5000 / Metric Ton
                • Port: Nhava Sheva Port Mumbai
                • Main Products: Seamless Pipes & Tubes, Welded Pipes & Tubes, Stainless Steel Tube, API 5L Pipes
                • No. of Employees: 20 – 40 People
                • Year Established: 1999
                • Certification: ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001

Certification of Carbon Steel Pipe To ASTM A 333 Gr 1:

Low-temperature service is permitted by ASTM A333 (ASME S/A-333) Pipe grades. This specification covers an average range of seamless walled pipe.

Scope: This specification covers average wall welded and seamless carbon and alloy steel pipe intended for use at lower temperatures. Ferritic steel is included in various grades. Under this specification, various product sizes may be unavailable due to heavier wall thickness, which has a negative effect on low-temperature impact properties.

Material & Manufacture: The pipe is made by the seamless or welding process with the addition of no filler metal in the welding operation.
Grades: Grade 1, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 6, Grade 7, Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11

Size Range:
Outer Dimensions: 19.05mm-457mm
Wall Thickness:2.0mm-60mm
Lengths: Lengths required shall be specified on order.
If no definite length is required then the following practice applies:
Single Random — 17′ ~ 24′ lengths
Double Random — 36′ ~ 44′ lengths

Chemical Composition of Carbon Steel Pipe To ASTM A 333 Gr 1(%) :

Grade 10.30 max0.40-1.06/0.025 max0.025 max////////
Grade 30.19 max0.31-0.640.18-0.370.025 max0.025 max/3.18-3.82//////
Grade 40.12 max0.50-1.050.08-0.370.025 max0.025 max0.44-1.010.47-0.98//0.40-0.75//0.04-0.30
Grade 60.30 max0.29-1.060.10 min0.025 max0.025 max////////
Grade 70.19 max0.90 max0.13-0.320.025 max0.025 max/2.03-2.57//////
Grade 80.13 max0.90 max0.13-0.320.025 max0.025 max/8.40-9.60//////
Grade 90.20 max0.40-1.06/0.025 max0.025 max/1.60-2.24/0.75-1.25////
Grade 100.20 max1.15-1.500.10-0.350.035 max0.015 max0.15 max0.25 max0.05 max0.15 max0.12 max/0.05 max0.06 max
Grade 110.10 max0.60 max0.35 max0.025 max0.025 max0.50 max35.0-37.00.50 max//0.50 max//

Heat Treatment Requirements: All seamless and welded pipe shall be treated to control their

Minimum Impact Test Temperature

Grade 1                       -50 (F)             -45 (C)

Grade 6                       -50 (F)             -45 (C)

Heat Treatment:

Grades 1 and 6 shall be heat treated to control their microstructure.

Surface treatment: Oil-dip, Varnish, Passivation, Phosphating, Shot Blasting.
Both ends of each crate will indicate the order no., heat no., dimensions, weight and bundles or as requested.

ASTM A333 Grade 1 Chemical Compositions(%)

Steel GradeCSiMnPSCrMoCuNiV
ASTM A333 Grade.1≤0.30/0.40-1.06≤0.025≤0.025/////

ASTM A333 Grade 1 Mechanical Properties

GradeYield Strength (Mpa)Tensile Strength (Mpa)Elongation (%)

Strike Temperature Condition

GradeThe lowest temperature for strike test

Low Temperature Carbon Steel Pipe To ASTM A 333 Gr 1 Application

Steel, where the main alloying constituent is carbon, is called Carbon Steel or plain carbon steel. The American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) defines carbon steel as: “Steel is considered to be carbon steel when no minimum content is specified or required for chromium, cobalt, columbium, molybdenum, nickel, titanium, tungsten, vanadium or zirconium, or any other element to be added to obtain a desired alloying effect; when the specified minimum for copper does not exceed 0.40 percent; or when the maximum content specified for any of the following elements does not exceed the percentages noted: manganese 1.65, silicon 0.60, copper 0.60.”
This type of steel is applied in various industries and for critical engineering purposes. Other value-added products of carbon steel include LPG cylinders, corrosion-resistant steel, precision tubes and medium/high carbon grades, critical structural application steel, etc. Rexal Tubes is the leading stockiest in India with over 800-ton stock in carbon steel seamless pipe tubes.

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