Trio Steel is a big stockiest and exporter of boiler quality plates, And Trio Steel are also a large manufacturer of boiler plate steel grade that have its own market value by its standard quality that makes it all customers first preference when it’s come to the fabrication of boilers.

  There are different type of boiler plate steel grades that designed for industries according to need. When it comes to industries, so there we supply our boiler quality plates to industries like shipbuilding, petrochemical and manufacturing. It is even applicable in different equipment’s, machines and vessels used in different industries.

  We use high quality raw material to build a quality boiler plate steel. Because of it, our boiler plate steel have features like “durability”, “high quality strength” and “longevity”.

  We manufacture and supply boiler steel plates of varied thickness and grades. And Because of it we have huge customer base in all over the globe, so there we supply boiler quality plates by our large delivery network.