Triosteel manufacture and export high-quality boiler steel plates that are used in the fabrication of boilers. Their ability to withstand the heat and pressure generated by the boiler proves their strength and superior quality! it was part of his evolutionary theory that we believed in order to survive, one needs to have the strength to withstand any condition and environment! one needs to have the strength, adaptability and the ability to withstand any temperature, environment boiler steel plates manufactured by us are known for their durability and longevity as they can withstand any temperature and pressure! it is even applicable in different equipment’s, machines and vessels used in different construction and manufacturing industries! The boiler steel plates  manufactured by us are of various types and grades, and are made of high-quality raw materials in order to withstand heat and steam generated by the boiler and in order to acquire the features like “durability” “high quality and strength” and “longevity”,

We manufacture and supply boiler steel plates  of varied thickness, and grades