EN 10204 3.1 Certification Vs EN 10204 3.2 Certification

Looking for an EN10204, 3.2 Certification?

EN10204 is a Euronorm (issued by the European Community) specification that describes different types of material test reports and certifications.  The standard contains no requirements relative to actual material requirements.  The most common reference is to a 3.1 type certification (3.1 is the paragraph number within EN10204 that describes the content).  A 3.1 certification is simply the common mill test report that reports test results on the lot of material in question, performed by a laboratory (often operated by the mill itself) that is independent of the personnel actually producing the material.  Sending samples to an independent laboratory for testing to the ordering specifications will still result in a 3.1 certification.  It is just being tested by a second source.

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U.S companies Seeks Anti dumping duties on Indian Steel Pipes

Major U.S Companies dealing in manufacture , supply and export of Steel Pipes has urged the

regulators in U.S to apply anti-dumping duties on welded stainless pressure pipes imported from India.


Increasing Imports of Welded stainless pressure pipe from India at price lower than U.S markets from past three years
is turning out to be a big concern for these companies as the imports rised from 12,101 tones to 281 tons from 2012 to 2014

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